Hi There We’re Gnoce
Gnosis (nōsəs):
Knowledge, memory
Dolce (ˈdōlCHā):
Sweet, soft
Gnoce (dʒi:nəʊs):
Where you shop for the perfect pieces to commemorate your sweetest memories
We were founded in 2015 with the idea that jewelry should be fun and inspire happiness. We want to capture and celebrate life’s greatest moments with unique personalizable pieces in a wide variety of styles that allow for you to share your own story and make new cherished memories.
Our Values
It’s the littlest things that matter the most.
That’s why we place a high value on commemorating your life’s most memorable experiences, from celebrating a holiday with family members to your first wedding anniversary to an everyday occasion. Our pieces aim to capture the happiness you feel at each step of your life, offering joyful reminders of these feelings each time you wear them.
We believe that every piece has its own story, just like each of our customers. It is our hope that you can tell your own story and every step of your journey beautifully through our collections.
Our Craftsmanship
Each of our pieces is artfully designed and lovingly handcrafted using sterling silver plated with gorgeous 18K gold.
These designs are further treated with an innovative e-coating to maintain the luster of each piece for even longer. We’ll even add a little bit of sparkle to our pieces with shimmering crystal, beautiful cubic zirconia gems, ethically sourced opals and more.
Our Design
When it comes to designing our collections, we’re never satisfied. The art of crafting jewelry is an ever growing, ever changing undertaking and we are in love with the process.
We have an in-house design team that imagines each and every piece we create, first sketching them on paper before transforming them into digital drawings and 3D samples. The result is more than 10 collections with over 2000 products in a range of styles that fit what any customer is dreaming of.
Our Sustainability
At Gnoce, we own and operate our own factories, which gives us a unique advantage.
We’re able to quickly design and craft beautiful collections while also making sure that our materials used and pieces designed cause minimal impact to the environment. We are also able to sell directly to consumers, allowing us to out the middleman and maintain reasonable prices.
Our Photo Charm Collection
We first launched Gnoce with our best-selling Photo Charm Collection in 2015. This unique collection includes customized engraved charms and an innovative type of photo charm that allows for customers to upload an image and have it set and printed into the charms.
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    Puppy Photo Charm
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    Angel Wing Photo Pendant
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    Golden Heart Photo Charm
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    Heart Projection Pendant
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